Ministries Overview

This page lists the various ministries of Simi Covenant Church.  We need laborers who will help keep us running so we can gather, grow, and go together.  We seek to honor the Lord in all we do and we invite you to browse these pages and see how we might serve you or how you might join us in serving others! 

Prayer is the foundation of all we do here at Simi Covenant.  We believe that EVERYONE can and should be in communication with Jesus.  To this end, we start with our prayer ministries.  

  • EVERY Tuesday Night:  Weekly Prayer Meeting at Simi Covenant Church Conference Room
    Contact: Vicki Gulesarian
  • ONGOING Prayer Chain: Pray requests are emailed to you to be included in your prayer time
  • Missionary Prayer Calendar: sign up to receive daily emails of prayer requests from our denominational missionaries: click here

Gather, GROW, GO ministries

These ministries are ongoing and designed to help you and your family to deepen your relationship with Jesus and this community.

  • GATHER Ministries (Worship)

    Gathering and building community is a vital part to being connected at Simi Covenant.  You can start by attending worship services.  You might even decide to become a participant in helping out at our services.  Click on the picture for more information.

  • GROW Ministries (preschool to adults)

    Growing faith often needs smaller communities to encourage and support us.  We have age appropriate communities from preschool to adults.  Grow ministries include our preschool, covenant kids and youth groups, and adult grow groups.  We believe that community support is a necessary element to discipleship and growth.  Our goal is that everyone is connected to a group for not to support growth, but as way we support each other in a smaller setting.

  • Go Ministries (Service)

    Go ministries are those ministries whose focus is to provide support and services for individuals or groups outside of the Simi Covenant Community, such as missionaries, Samaritan Center, and benevolence ministries.  Often these ministries stretch us beyond our comfort zones. 

  • Gather-grow-Go and Just for fun ministries

    Some ministries do not "fit" neatly into the gather-grow-go categories.  These ministries often encompass all these aspects, such as Vacation Bible School (Summer Kids camp), Covenant Women's Ministry or Covenant Men's Ministries.  Others happen because, well - just because someone wanted to try something new or wanted to have fun, such as Simi Cov Softball team.