Gather:  Worship Ministries

Worship services don't just happen on their own.  There is a whole range of people choose to glorify the Lord through worship, serving during worship or preparing for worship.  Perhaps you would like to join the Worship  and Arts Team, or participate in the service.  However,  there are many behind the scenes needs as well!  Please consider joining one of the groups below!

  • Worship and Arts team

    These talented individuals work with the pastor to create a meaningful worship experience.  This team has people who are talented in the dramatic arts, decorating, music - playing and singing as well those who are simply creative. Their ministry is not just limited to Sunday mornings!



  • Tech Crew

    Our behind the scene volunteers are just as important as those in front!  This team supports those leading worship by working the sound board, computer, and other machines.  Youth are under the supervision of an adult while learning to run the equipment


    Training sessions:

  • Greeters

    These are the people who welcome you to our church.  If you love to talk to people and are like to make others comfortable, this might be the team for you


  • Preschool and Nursery Sunday School

    These volunteers work one month at a time to train and teach our youngest that Jesus loves them.  Volunteers are screened and trained in the Orange curriculum

    Contact: Matt Bleckley, Assoc Pastor to Next Gen

  • Simi CovKids  K -5th grade (Sunday School)

    Children sign in before coming into the church and stay with their parents for the beginning of the service.  During the service, the children are invited to the front of the church to receive a blessing.  Then they are dismissed to age appropriate Sunday School classes. Volunteers are trained to use the Orange curriculum.

    Contact: Matt Bleckley, Assoc Pastor to Next Gen


    You know these people - they are the ones who hand you the bulletins.  They also serve during worship as directed by the worship leaders. ............... They usually serve in one month shifts.  

    Contact :

  • Communion Team

    Those on this team volunteer to be available to serve communion during our monthly communion worship service.  Usually individuals serve once every three months or four months.  However, we also need volunteers to help prepare for communion before every communion service.

    Contact: Chad McDaniels, Senior Pastor

  • Set up Team

    Chairs and tables magically appear because of this team.  They probably don't even realize they are a team - they come early each Sunday and set up what ever needs to be out - table and chairs for fellowship, and umbrellas when its too hot.  This is a loose knit group always willing to accept help any time - just show up about 30 minutes before worship and they will put you to work!


  • Security Team

    This team walks our campus during worship.  They make sure our campus is secure. This is a behind, the scenes, but important job.